Sketches in Portugal During the Civil War of 1834 ... with Observations on the Present State and Future Prospects of Portugal. [With Plates.]
Through the British Empire. [Translated from the French.] with a Map.
Chambers's Alternative Geography Readers. Standard IV.(-VII.).
Rambling Notes and Reflections, Suggested During a Visit to Paris in the Winter of 1826-1827.
de Forenede Staters Historie. F Rste del.
The Queen's Messenger; Or, Travels on the High-Ways and Bye-Ways of Europe.
Frankrijks Invloed Op de Buitenlandsche Aangelegenheden Der Voormalige Nederlandsche Republiek, Gestaafd Door Oorspronkelijke Stukken Uit de Archieven Te Parijs.
Nuts for Future Historians to Crack. Collected by H. W. Smith. Containing the Cadwalader Pamphlet, Valley Forge Letters, Etc.
de Pelgrim-Vaders of Puriteinen, Stichters Van Nieuw Engeland, Naar Het Engelsch ... Bewerkt Met Aanteekeningen En Oorspronkelijke Bijlagen ... Door Dr. E. B. Swalue.
Ireland: Its Scenery, Character, Etc. Vol. III
Commutation of Tythes in Ireland, Injurious, Not Only to the Church Establishment, But to the Poor, Etc.
Station Life in New Zealand. with a Preface Signed: F. N. B., i.e. Sir Frederick N. Broome
On the Increase of Royal Power in France Under Philip Augustus. 1179-1223. Dissertation, Etc.
General Todleben's History of the Defence of Sebastopol. 1854-5. a Review
The History of Gilmanton from the First Settlement to the Present Time; Including What Is Now Gilford, to the Time It Was Disannexed
Det Danske Vestindien ... Med Vignetten ... Samt to Kort.
Quality of Democracy in Latin America
Decorating the 'Godly' Household: Religious Art in Post-Reformation Britain
Infectious Ideas: Contagion in Premodern Islamic and Christian Thought in the Western Mediterranean
A Book of Bombay. (Vol. 2. Round about Bombay.).
John Keats Leben Und Werke. [With a Translation of His Poetical Works.]
The Controversy of Zion. Being the Miscellaneous Works of the Late T. W. Christie ... Edited by T. Williamson. [With a Portrait.]
Lost and Saved. [A Novel.] Vol. II, Fourth Edition
The Records of the Burgery of Sheffield, Commonly Called the Town Trust, with Introduction and Notes by J. D. Leader.
The Moghul, Mongol, Mikado and Missionary. Essays ... Political Institutions, History, Religions ... of India, Afghanistan, China and Japan.
The Mystic Rose from the Garden of the King: A Fragment of the Vision of Sheikh Haji Ibrahim of Kerbela. Rendered Into English [Or Rather, Written] by F. L. Cartwright.
Sailing Directions for the Coast of Ireland. ... Compiled ... by ... R. Hoskyn.
Voyage Pratique Au Japon.
Voyages and Travels of Lord Brassey from 1862 to 1894. Arranged and Edited by Captain S. Eardley-Wilmot.
Tender and True. a Colonial Tale. by the Author of Clara Morison [Catherine Ellen Spence]. Vol. I.
A Visit to Spain, Detailing the Transactions Which Occurred During a Residence in That Country, in the Latter Part of 1822, and the First Four Months of 1823, Etc.
History of Greece. a New Edition. with Portrait, Map and Plans
Italy as It Is; Or Narrative of an English Family's Residence for Three Years in That Country. by the Author of Four Years in France [Henry Best].
Sketches in Spain and Morocco. with Plates.
The Ocean as a Health Resort. a Handbook of Practical Information as to Sea-Voyages, for the Use of Tourists and Invalids, Etc.
Outlines of Geography for the Use of Lower and Middle Forms of Schools and of Candidates for the Army Preliminary Examinations ... with Numerous Maps.
Criminology: Theory, Research, and Policy
Minder Fra Resundskysten. Historiske Skildringer.
The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, Begun in the Year 1641, Etc.
History of the Second Company of the Seventh Regiment-National Guard-N.Y.S. Militia. by Captain Emmons Clark.
The Spanish Conspiracy. a Review of the Early Spanish Movements in the South-West. Containing ... the Early Struggles of Kentucky for Autonomy, Etc.
Battle-Fields of the South, from Bull Run to Fredericksburg; With Sketches of Confederate Commanders. by A(t. E. C.) with Two Maps. Vol. II
An Oration Delivered Before the Society of the Sons of New England of Philadelphia, December 22d, 1847, the Anniversary of the Landing of the Pilgrims.
Ireland, 1798-1898.
de Griffie Van Haare Hoog Mogenden: Bijdrage Tot de Kennis Van Het Archief Van de Staten-Generaal Der Vereenigde Nederlanden.
The Age of Social Democracy: Norway and Sweden in the Twentieth Century
Verses to John Howard, F.R.S. on His State of Prisons and Lazarettos.
The Exile of Saint Helena. [a Poem: By David F. Atcherley.]
The Absent Man: A Farce [In Two Acts. by Isaac Bickerstaffe].
A Farewell Hymne to the Country. Attempted in the Manner of Spenser's Epithalamion.
The Reformer's Friend; Or, Reform in True Colours: In Several Acrostics on the Subject, Etc.
Report of a Trial, in the Consistory Court at Durham, in a Cause of Substraction of Easter Offerings
Zoriada; Or, the Bandit's Haunt. an Operetta in One Act and One Scene, Etc.
Merkwaardige Kasteelen in Nederland. Door MR J. Van L. En W. J. H. Plates.
The Deserted Village, Etc.
New Mount Alexander and Australian Golconda. the Ovens River, or Great South-Western Gold Fields
The Fox Set to Watch the Geese: A State-Paradox, Being a Welcome from Newmarket, by Way of Fable.
Imperial England.
The Resolution of the House of Lords [in Reference to Life Peerages] Versus the Constitution.
Magdeburgische Husaren-Regiment No. 10. in Der Campagne Des Jahres 1866., Das
Memorable Battles in English History, Where Fought, Why Fought, and Their Results
In Love and War. a Romance.
Acadia. a Lost Chapter in American History ... Illustrated.
The Book of the Indians of North America, Comprising Details in the Lives of about Five Hundred Chiefs and Others the Most Distinguished Among Them, Etc.
Johnson's History of Nebraska.
History of the Four Conquests of England.
Alphabet of First Things in Canada. a Ready Reference Book of Canadian Events ... Third Edition.
Cantref Meirionydd: Ei Chwedlau, Ei Hynafiaethau, A'i Hanes.
The Severn Valley: A Series of Sketches, Descriptive and Pictorial, of the Course of the Severn, Etc. [With Illustrations.]
From Bedford Row to Swazieland.
Illustrative Papers on the History and Antiquities of the City of Coventry, ... Reprinted from an Original Copy. with Corrections, Additions, and a Brief Memoir of the Author, by W. G. Fretton.
Rhoesia Past and Present ... with Sixteen Illustrations, Etc.
Wedded to Sport. Vol. III
Like Dian's Kiss. a Novel. by Rita.
Clare Avery: A Story of the Spanish Armada.
Vol. III. Containing Plates and Maps.
Life in China ... with Four Original Maps.
Three Weeks in South Africa. a Diary.
My Heart's in the Highlands. [A Novel.] by the Author of Artiste, Etc. [Maria M. Grant.]
Geschichte Des Trierischen Landes Und Volkes.
The Saxon Dynasty. Pedigree of the Kentish Kings.
The Highlands of Scotland in 1750. from Manuscript 104 in the King's Library, British Museum. with an Introduction by Andrew Lang.
Upphaf Allsherjarr Kis Slandi Og Stj Rnarskipunar Ess Slenzka AF S. Sigur Arsvni.
Bidrag Till Svenska Riksdagarnes Historia 1626-1629. Akademisk Afhandling.
An Essay on Tragedy.
The Destinies of Zohak, or the Halls of Argenk. a Poem in Three Cantos.
Unter Welfischem Scepter. Erinnerungen Eines Hannoveraners.
Fragments of the Table Round. [By Robert Buchanan, Professor at Glasgow.]
Rocks and Roses; Or Phases of Life.
Hugh Errington. [A Novel.]
Danziger Bilder.
Red Towers. [A Novel.]
Paul Patoff.
A Residence in Algeria. [Translated from the French.]
Fantastic Stories ... Translated by P. B. Granville. Illustrated by M. Fraser-Tytler.
Notes on the Early History of Assyria and Babylonia.
A Narrative of Events in the South of France, and of the Attack on New Orleans, in 1814 and 1815.
Recollections of Travel in New Zealand and Australia ... with Maps and Illustrations.
The Tenants of Malory. a Novel. (Reprinted from the Dublin University Magazine.). Vol. I
Reistogtje Met de Stoomboot Naar Hamburg in Den Zomer Van 1826 Met Platen
Nederland En Brandenburg in 1672 En 1673.
Tages-Chronik Des Jahres 1848.
Onze Voorruders. Een Eerste Hoofdstuk Uit de Geschiedenis Van Zeeland.
The Travellers; Or, Music's Fascination: An Operatic Drama, in Five Acts, Etc.
Millennium Eve: A Poem Begun at Florence, in ... 1841. [By J. P., i.e. John Pring.]
Kritiske Bidrag Til Vikingetidens Historie.
The League of North and South. an Episode in Irish History. 1850-1854.
Bilder Aus Der Volkswirthschaftlichen Und Politischen Vergangenheit Mecklenburgs, 1631-1708, Etc.
Peirce's Colonial Lists. Civil, Military, and Professional Lists of Plymouth and Rhode Island Colonies ... 1621-1700.
Algemeene Geschiedenis Van de Volken En Staten Der Oudheid, Hunne Zeden, Staatsleven, Beschaving, Kunsten En Literatuur.
Redevoering Over Het Oogpunt, Waaruit in Den Tegenwoordigen Tijd de Beoefening Der Vaderlandsche Geschiedenis Moet Beschouwd Worden.
For Love and Life. Vol. III
The Fortunes of Glencore. Vol. I.
The History of Block Island.
From the Land of the Snow-Pearls. Tales from Puget Sound.
Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making
Understanding Revolution
The Origin, Progress, and Present State of the Thames Tunnel and the Advantages Likely to Accrue from It ... Fourth Edition.
Liberty's Last Squeak; Containing an Elegiac Ballad, an Ode to an Informer, an Ode to Jurymen, and Crumbs of Comfort for the Grand Informer. by Peter Pindar Esq.
Rollin Rone; Or the Adventures of a Toper. a Satirical Poem. Night the First.
Evening. [a Hymn, from the Christian Year.] ... Illustrated.
An Alphabetical Copy of the Poll for the Election of Two Burgesses ... July 29th, 1847.
A River Holiday. [in Verse, Signed, W. S., i.e. W., Sims.] Illustrated by Harry Furniss. L.P.
Marlborough, a Poem, in Three Cantos. Occasion'd by the Death of the Late Duke of Marlborough.
Songs, Glees, Andc. in a Comick Opera [by Francis G. Waldron] Call'd the Miller's Maid. Founded on One of the Admired Rural Tales, Written by Mr. Robert Bloomfield, Etc.
A Wreath for the Urn: An Elegy on the Princess Charlotte; With Other Poems.
A Popular History of Bristol, ... from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, with Biographical Notices of Eminent Natives and Residents, Impartially Written.
William Hazlitt, Essayist and Critic. Selections from His Writings, with a Memoir ... by Alexander Ireland.
Chester in the Plantagenet and Tudor Reigns. [Illustrated.]
Tales for All Seasons ... with Illustrations.
Destiny, and Other Poems ... with Illustrations [Including a Portrait].
The Poetical Works of Lord Byron. Edited, with a Critical Memoir, by William Michael Rossetti. Illustrated by Ford Madox Brown.
Laurie's Sailing Directory for the Ethiopic or Southern Atlantic Ocean. Composed and Arranged by J. Purdy. Fourth Edition, Revised and Corrected by A. G. Findlay.
Gothalbert of the Tyne, or the Gothic Minstrel's Progress to the Press! Delivered Under the Similitude of a Satire. [in Verse.]
Trattato Di Geologia Diretto Specialmente a Fare Un Confronto Tra La Struttura Fisica del Settentrione E del Mezzogiorno Di Europa. Parte Prima
Bibliotheca Coleiana: A Catalogue of the Collection of Books, the Private Property of John Cole.
Redemption: A Sacred Poem. with Notes, Doctrinal, Moral, and Philosophical. Book the First.
Second Series. Chiefly in the Counties of Durham and Northumberland.
Rules, Etc. [with List of Members.]
Two Lectures on a Visit to the Canterbury Colony in 1867, 8. 1. the Voyage. 2. the Colony
The Pleasures of Dreaming; A Poem.
A Dream; Or, the Irish Landlord's Lament ... with an Address to the Landlords of Ireland to Defend Their Just Rights ... by Anti-Jacobin. [in Verse.]
The Poll for the Election of Two Burgesses ... March 28, 1857, Etc.
Gertrude and Emmeline, and Other Poems. by a Manchester Lady.
Betwiste Bijzonderheden Op Het Gebied Der Studie Van de Geschiedenis Van Ons Vaderland.
White Lilac. [Poems.]
A Month at Oostcamp. [Miscellaneous Pieces, in Prose and Verse.]
Kong Valdemars Jordbog. Et Stridsskrift [In Reply to J. C. H. R. Steenstrup's Studier Over Kong Valdemar, Jordebog ].
Heath Blossoms: Or Poems Written in Obscurity and Seclusion, Etc.
Voorouderlijke Wijsheid in Hagehelijke Tijden. Het Ministerie Der Raadpensionarissen S. Van Slingelandt, P. Steyn En L. P. Van de Spiegel Herdacht.
Life, and Other Poems. by S. S. S.
Herinneringen Uit Pruisens Geschiedenis.
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the School Library: Inquiry-Based Education
Byron's Prisoner of Chillon Und Siege of Corinth. Mit Bibliographischem Material, Litterarischer Einleitung Und Sachlichen Anmerkungen ... Herausegegeben Von J. G. C. Schuler.
The Mediterranean Pilot
Random Perturbation of PDEs and Fluid Dynamic Models: Ecole d'Ete de Probabilites de Saint-Flour XL - 2010
History of the Venetian Republic: Her Rise, Her Greatness, and Her Civilization, Volume II
Vanity Fair, Etc.
The Campaign Between the Prussians and the Austrians in 1866. Second Edition, with Map
The History, Civil and Commercial, of the British Colonies in the West Indies. [Vol. III. Edited by Sir W. Young.] (Sketch of the Life of the Author by Himself.)
Uvres. Translated by P. E. L. Dumont.
The History of Shiplake, Oxon. with Allusions to Contemporary Events in the Neighbourhood. [With Illustrations.]
The Poetical Works of L. E. Landon ... Edited, with an Introductory Memoir and Illustrations, by W. B. Scott.
Select British Poets, or New Elegant Extracts from Chaucer to the Present Time, with Critical Remarks. by W. Hazlitt.
The History of Jefferson County ... Illustrated.
Nidderdale and the Garden of the Nid: A Yorkshire Rhineland, Etc.
Erste Vierteljahrhundert Des Deutschen Reiches, 1871 Bis 1895., Das
The South: A Tour of Its Battle-Fields and Ruined Cities ... Being a Description of the Present State of the Country ... Illustrated.
Deutsche Geschichte ... Neue Illustrirte Ausgabe. Bde. 1-5. Zweiter Band
Rulings as to Meaning or Application of the Award
Proceedings in the Cases of the Impeachment of Charles Robinson, Governor; John W. Robinson, Secretary of State; George S. Hillyer, Auditor of State, of Kansas
The Fables of Flora ... Fifth Edition. [In Verse.]
United States of America V. American Bell Telephone Co. and Emile Berliner
Poems of Yesterday and To-Day.
Virginius and Virginia, a Poem in Six Parts, from the Roman History, Etc.
Winfield Manor: Historical Sketch.
Carmen Triumphale; For the Year 1814.
The Thames. Newdigate Prize Poem, 1885.
Victoria Regina Et Imperatrix. a Jubilee Song from Ireland, 1887.
Peace Triumphant, and Other Poems.
History and Incidents Connected with the Grants of the Three Royal Charters of Incorporation of the Borough of Kendal.
Gil Blas, or the Fool of Fortune. a Pantomimic Entertainment in Two Parts, Etc.
The Royal Visit to Exeter; A Poetical Epistle, by John Ploughshare, a Farmer of Morton Hampstead, in the County of Devon. Published by Peter Pindar [i.E. John Wolcot].
Tails An' Ballids IV Dublin's Grate Methropolis.
Travels and Adventures of an Orchid Hunter in Colombia. Illustrated, Etc.
Japan, the Amoor, and the Pacific; With Notices of Other Places Comprised in a Voyage of Circumnavigation in the Imperial Russian Corvette Rynda, in 1858-1860. with Illustrations.
The Ladies' Gallery. a Novel.
The Lord's Day. a Poem.
Cheer or Kill. a Novel.
Gertrude Mannering. a Tale of Sacrifice.
Observations on the Fifth Report of the Commissioners of Military Enquiry; And More Particularly on Those Parts of It Which Relate to the Surgeon General [T. Keate].
Theory Of Sample Surveys
Lawrence's Illustrated Guide to Leicester.
Cook's West of England Tours. Programmes of a New System of Tours, Embracing Every Point of Interest from Bristol to the Land's End, Etc
The Protohistoric Ethnography of Western Asia, Etc. (Reprinted from Proceedings of the Amer. Philos. Society.).
The Soldier's Widow, Or, the Happy Relief: A Musical Entertainment, in Two Acts.
Visit of Her Royal Highness Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein ... to Open the New General Hospital. Wednesday, 7th July, 1897. Official Programme.
The Pantheon: A Vision. [in Verse.]
Verses on the Subject of Death, Sacred to the Memories of Several Great Personages, with a Particular Regard to the Right Hon. H. Pelham and Sir W. Lee.
Wit's Last Stake. a Farce [in Prose; Founded on Le Legataire Universel of J. F. Regnard].
L. K. Schmarda's Reise Um Die Erde in Den Jahren 1853-1857. Drei Bande Erster Band
The History of the Ancient Town and Borough of Newbury, in the County of Berks.
The Devil at Oxford. Being a True and Faithful Account of a Visit Recently Paid by His Satanic Majesty to That Seat of Learning. [in Verse.] by Phosphorus Squill, Arm. Fil.
History of Washington and Ozaukee Counties. ... Illustrated.
Geografia Dell'italia, Con Discorsi Storici Sulle Armi Sue, Sull'industria E Il Commercio, Le Arti Belle, La Letteratura E Le Scienze
Arabie ... Avec Une Carte de L'Arabie Et Note Sur Cette Carte, Par M. Jomard. [With Plates.]
Truro ... Cape Cod, Or, Land Marks and Sea Marks ... Illustrations.
Descrizione, Origini E Successi Della Provincia D'Otranto ... Con Aggiunte del ... Medico D. T. Albanese ... Prima Edizione del Manoscritto
Statistical Methods for Trend Detection and Analysis in the Environmental Sciences
A Question of Faith. [A Novel.]
First Love and Last Love. a Tale of the Indian Mutiny. Vol. I
An Introductory Lecture on History, Delivered in the University of London, Etc.
Inquisitio Comitatus Cantabrigiensis [Being the Original Return Made by the Juratores of the County of Cambridge, from Which the Exchequer Domesday Was Afterwards Compiled]
The Story of a Modern Woman. [A Novel.]
The Dissembled Wanton, or My Son, Get Money. a Comedy [In Five Acts and in Prose].
The New Hand-Book for Youghal: Containing Notes and Records of the Ancient Religious Foundations, and the Historical Annals of the Town. Fourth Series
The Comic and Sentimental Music Hall Song Book.
Uncle Bob's Niece. a Novel.
Glow-Worm Tales.
The Far Interior: A Narrative of Travel and Adventure from the Cape of Good Hope Across the Zambesi to the Lake Regions of Central Africa, Etc.
Domestic Scenes in Russia, in a Series of Letters, Describing a Year's Residence in That Country, Chiefly in the Interior.
Impressions of a Wanderer in Italy, Switzerland, France, and Spain.
Was It Wise? a Novel. by Volo Non Valeo.
Algiers in 1857. Its Accessibility, Climate, and Resources Described with Especial Reference to English Invalids, Etc.
Five Years in Madagascar, with Notes on the Military Situation.
Cabo de Arenas, or the Place of Sandy Hook in the Old Cartology, as Indicated in the Map of Alonzo Chaves ... Reprinted from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.
My Japanese. [a Japanese Picture Book.] Words and Music by S. L. G.
Historic Sketch of Pontefract Castle. (a Paper Read at a Meeting of the Yorkshire Architectural Society.) with Plates
Don Orsino.
New Zealand. a Hand-Book for Emigrants: Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Regarding Auckland, Etc.
Fourth Annual Report of the Officers and Superintendent of the Asylum at Walnut Hill, Hartford, Conn., at Their Annual Meeting, October 9, 1878, Also Petition to the Legislature.
The Heart's-Ease Series of Un-Sectarian. Poems Number 1 Mamma, Is Jesus Dead? Etc
Lyrical Poems with Notes for the Use of Italians by T. C. Cann
An Oration Pronounced Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Dartmouth College, Aug. 25, 1825.
Newes from Virginia. 1610. a Poetical Tract, Describing the Adventures Supposed to Be Referred to in Shakespeare's Tempest. Reprinted from a Copy Believed to Be Unique. Edited by J. O. Halliwell.
Poems Via the Author. Third Series. Political.
Maintaining Windows XP - A Practical Guide
An Historical Atlas of Staffordshire
The Great Frozen Sea. a Personal Narrative of the Voyage of the Alert During the Arctic Expedition of 1875, 6.
Supplementary Despatches, Correspondenc and Memoranda of Field Marshal: Arthur Duke of Wellington, K.G., Volume 1
Notes of a Cruise in H.M.S. Fawn in the Western Pacific in 1862. with Illustrations
An Historical Account of the Island of Saint Vincent
Pioneer History of Orleans County, New York, Etc.
America Central. Su Historia, Geografia, Etc., La
The Gentleman Emigrant: His Daily Life, Sports, and Pastimes in Canada, Australia, and the United States.
The Imperial Gazetteer of India ... Second Edition [Revised and Enlarged]. Volume X
Etchings from Two Lands [I.E. the United States and Japan].
King or Knave? [A Novel.]
History of Wyoming, in a Series of Letters.
The Old Vicarage: A Novel.
Hester's Venture. by the Author of 'The Atelier Du Lys, ' Etc. [Miss Margaret Roberts.]
The Reproach of Annesley. by Maxwell Gray ... Third Edition.
Honor Blake. the Story of a Plain Woman.
Criss-Cross Journeys.
M Moires Et Notes de M. A. Le PR Vost Pour Servir L'Histoire Du D Partement de L'Eure, Recueillis Et Publi S. Par MM. L. Delisle Et L. Passy
Derde Reize Naar de Middellandsche Zee, Gedaan in de Jaren 1786-88, Etc.
The Disciples at Emmaus. a Seatonian Prize Poem.
Sketch of a Journey from Canton to Hankow, Through China.
Handbook to Otago and Southland New Zealand. with Map
The Times. a Satire. to the King; And Dedicated to the Emperor of Germany. [in Verse.]
The Cure of Saul. a Sacred Ode. as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent Garden.
The Examiner. a Satire [in Verse].
Glanures, Ou Pi ces Et Citations Historiques, Litt raires Nos. 1-5.
Kaiser Friedrich I. Freibrief F r L beck Vom 19. September 1188. Herausgegeben Von Dr. P. Hasse.
Yes or No. a Musical Farce, in Two Acts, Etc.
Broken Arcs: A West Country Chronicle.
An Address to the Members of the City Council, on the Removal of the Municipal Government to the Old State House.
The Ethnographical Library, Conducted by E. N.
Sveriges Historia Under Gustaf II Adolphs Regering.
Viola. a Novel. by the Author of Caste, Etc. [I.E. Miss Jolly].
Geschichte Des Bairischen Erbfolgekrieges.
The Genuine Remains in Verse and Prose of Mr. Samuel Butler ... Published from the Original Manuscripts, Formerly in the Possession of W. Longueville, Esq. with Notes by R. Thyer, Etc.
Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency. [Edited by Sir James M. Campbell. General Index, by R. E. Enthoven.] Volume XXIV
de Scriptoribus Rerum Alsaticarum Historicis Inde a Primordiis Ad S Culi XVIII. Exitum.
The Three Cat's-Eye Rings: A Tale of the Pursuit of the Khalifa, Etc.
Zoroaster. [A Novel.]
A Transport Voyage to the Mauritius and Back; Trading at the Cape of Good Hope and St. Helena. by the Author of Paddiana [I.E. R. F. Walond], Etc.
An Enquiry Into M. Antoine D'Abbadie's Journey to Kaffa, in the Years 1843 and 1844, to Discover the Source of the Nile. [With a Map.] Vol.II
A Lecture on the Sources of the Nile, and on the Means Requisite for Their Final Determination ... by Charles T. Beke. [With Maps.]
The Unknown Horn of Africa ... Second Edition, Containing the Narrative Portion and Notes Only. with an Obituary Notice by J. A. and W. D. James.
On the South African Frontier. the Adventures and Observations of an American in Mashonaland and Matabeleland ... with Illustrations and Maps.
Through the Holy Land. Being a Tour in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor, and Greece, Etc.
Old Ceylon, Sketches of Ceylon Life in the Olden Time ... with Illustrations by Ceylon Artists.
Dick Temple. a Novel.
Thornwell Abbas. [A Novel.]
Over the Hills and Far Away: A Story of New Zealand.
Still a Wife's Sister. a Novel.
Fashion and Passion; Or, Life in Mayfair. by the Author of The Honey Moon [The Duke de Medina-Pomar].
Studies and Romances.
Heronden; Or, Some Passages of Country Life.
Man Proposes. a Novel, Etc.
14, 18 Und 31 Oktober, Drei Grosse Gedenktage Aus Der Preussischen Geschichte, Etc., Der
The West India Pilot. Vol. I. from Cape North of the Amazons to Cape Sable in Florida, with the Outlying Islands. Compiled by Captain E. Barnett.
Inhabitants of Birmingham, Edgbaston and Aston, Possessing Goods to the Value of Ten Shillings and Upwards in the Year 1327.
The Justice of the Supreme Being, a Poem.
A Reply to Certain Statements in Col. Cholmley's Pamphlet, Entitled a Peep at the Borough of Whitby..
Canada and Her Resources
The Chapel of King Edward III. on Wakefield Bridge,
A Discourse on the Qualifications and Duties of an Historian, Delivered Before the Georgia Historical Society, on Its Fourth Anniversary, Etc.
The Longest Reign; An Ode on the Completion of the Sixtieth Year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. by William John Courthope.
The Dramatic Poetaster; A Vision Humbly Inscrib'd to the Most Illustrious the Viscount Nessuno. [in Verse.]
Ambition and Luxury. a Poetical Epistle.
XLI. Geo. III. C. 40.] an ACT for Paving ... and Regulating the Streets ... and ... Public ... Places Within the Parish of Sculcoates, Etc.
Ten Weeks in Egypt and Palestine.
Sweet Nelly, My Heart's Delight ... and: A Bundle of Letters, by Henry James.
Les Races Romanes Traduits Du Neerlandais Par A. Willems. F.L.P.
Ricordi Della Distrutta Parrocchia Di San Giacomo La Marina in Palermo. with Plates
Stray Notes on Kioto and Its Environs.
Rules, Regulations, and List of Members, Etc.
Lavengro; The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest. [With a Portrait.]
Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
The Works of J. H. F. in Verse and Prose, Now First Collected; With a Prefatory Memoir by ... W. E. and Sir B. Frere.
The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore Vol. I.
England. [Historical Tales.]
Belegering En Verdediging Des Kasteels Van Antwerpen. Met Platen En Kaarten.
ACTA Karoli IV. Imperatoris Inedita. Ein Beitrag Zu Den Urkunden Kaiser Karls IV. Aus Italienischen Archiven Gesammelt Und Herausgegeben Von Dr. Phil. Franz. Zimmermann.
Lays and Legends, or Ballads of the New World.
Early and Late Recollections. [In Prose and Verse.]
Poems. (Lines Addressed to Volumes Containing an Hortus Siccus, Etc.).
The Canterbury Guests; Or, a Bargain Broken. a Comedy [In Five Acts and in Prose].
Handbuch Der Geschichte Und Erdbeschreibung Preussens. Erster Theil
The Country Parish: A Poem, by a Norfolk Clergyman.
Kulturgeschichte Der Deutschen Im Mittelalter. Dritter Band
Contemplation; With Other Poems.
Handbook of Research in Enterprise Systems
Geschiedenis Der Stad En Kastelnij Van Veurne, Door F. de Potter, E. Ronse En P. Borre. Met Platen. Deel. 1, 2.
My Tour in Palestine and Syria ... Illustrated. with Route Map and Plan of Jerusalem.
A Cuban Expedition.
Heroes of Ancient Greece: A Story of the Days of Socrates, the Athenian.
With the Armies of the Balkans and at Gallipoli in 1877-1878, Etc. with Plates and Maps.
Notes on the Geology and Mineralogy of the Spanish Provinces of Santander and Madrid. [From the Atlantis, Vol. IV.]
The Dictionary of Watering Places, Seaside and Inland, at Home and Abroad. Part II
The Great Eastern Railway Company's Tourist-Guide to the Continent. with Illustrations and a Map.
A Pauper Millionaire.
Human Odds and Ends: Stories and Sketches.
Well Worn Roads of Spain, Holland and Italy. Travelled by a Painter in Search of the Picturesque. [With Illustrations.]
Not Wooed, But Won. a Novel. by the Author of 'Lost Sir Massingberd, ' Etc. [James Payn.] Vol. I.
The Dear Girl.
Two Years in Switzerland and Italy ... Translated by Mary Howitt. [A Translation of Vol. 1 of Lifvet I Gamla Verlden. ]
The Doctor's Dilemma. [A Novel.]
Griffith's Double. [A Novel.]
The Disappearance of George Driffell.
Wappermouth. a Novel. Vol. II.
Wandelingen Door Gelderland En Aangrenzende Noord-Brabandsche. Limburgsche En Pruisische Gewesten.
A True Reformer ... Originally Published in Blackwoods' Magazine. [A Novel. by Sir George Tomkyns Chesney.]
Ballads from Herodotus: With an Introductory Poem.
Alzuma; A Tragedy [In Five Acts and in Verse].
England's Queen, and Prince Albert ... a Poem in Two Cantos. ... Also England's Hero, Etc.
Jacob Ekelunds L Robok for F Rsta Begynnare I F Derneslandets Historia. Tionde Upplagan, AF C.F. Wiberg.
The Political and Occasional Poems of W. M. Praed. Edited, with Notes, by Sir G. Young.
L Rebog I Historien Til Brug for Realskoler ... Tredie Udgave. (Till G.).
Hor Poetic ... to Which Is Appended, a Popular Epistle on the Utility of the Classics.
Florida for Tourists, Invalids and Settlers ... with Map and Illustrations.
A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. a Poem, in Two Cantos. to Which Is Added, the Tempest, a Fragment. Second Edition, Corrected. [By John Agg.]
The Open Polar Sea: A Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery Towards the North Pole, in the Schooner United States. with Illustrations
First Love and Last Love. a Tale of the Indian Mutiny. Vol. II.
Geschichte, Geographie Und Statistik Des Erzherzogthums Oesterreich OB Der Enns Und Des Herzogthums Salzburg, Etc
Geschichte Der Stadt Pressburg ... Herausgegeben Durch Die Pressburger Erste Sparcassa. Deutsche Ausgabe ... Mit ... Illustrationen, Etc. Erlter Band.
The Cockney Columbus. [A Book of Travels.]
A Thorn in His Side. a Novel.
A Visit to Greece, in 1823 and 1824 ... Second Edition.
Historical and Statistical Sketches of Aden ... During a Two Years' Residence ... by an Officer in the Queen's Army.
There and Back: An Imaginary Journey.
Journal of a Tour in Iceland in the Summer of 1809.
Swallow Home; Or, My First Two Years of Married Life Spent in South Africa. by E. A. H.
Witness to the Deed. [A Novel.]
Wanderings in Search of Health.
Seeking the Sun. an Egyptian Holiday ... Letters Reprinted from the Scotsman..
His Loving Kindness. a Daily Companion; Containing Scripture Texts and Hymns [by Various Authors] for a Month. [illustrated.]
Jericho. the Seatonian Prize Poem for 1888.
Rabshakeh Vapulans: Or, an Answer to the Tribe of Levi, in Vindication of the Clergy. a Poem. Ms. Notes.
The Preaching of S. John the Baptist. Sacred Poem, 1887
Jubilee Celebration of the Queen's Reign ... Echoes from Welsh Harps. an Epic Poem.
Entfaltung Der Idee Des Menschen Durch Die Weltgeschichte. Vortrag, Etc., Die
Inventary of Worke Done for the State, by His Majesties Printer in Scotland (E. Tyler), Dec. 1642-Oct. 1647
A Nicht Wi' the Troglodytes. [in Verse.]
Thin Reflections
Taste; An Epistle to a Young Critic. [in Verse. by J. Armstrong.]
The Fall of Satan: Rebels in the Garden
Geography in Its Relation to Physical Science. an Inaugural Lecture.
Poder En El Espiritu Santo, Su
Love Yourself First
Blue Beard, or Fatal Curiosity, Semi-Burlesqued for Private Theatricals. by Peter, the Friar.
Rays Intellectual Arithmetic
Mount Saint Brandon Religious Celebration; The Scenery ... and History of West Kerry.
The Words of African-American Heroes
The Spanish Descent. a Poem. by the Author of the True-Born Englishman [i.E. D. Defoe].
The City of Cork, How It May Be Improved. Lecture, Etc. [with a View and Plan.]
The Lion in the Path. an Historical Romance. by the Authors of Abel Drake's Wife [i.E. John Saunders] and Gideon's Rock [i.E. Katharine Saunders,
Mademoiselle. [a Tale.]
Naples Et Le Mont-Cassin
The Black Pirate; Or, the Phantom Ship. a Romance.
Stayin' Alive (2 Volume Set)
A Bohemian's Love Story.
The Hand-Book of India, a Guide to the Stranger and the Traveller and a Companion to the Resident. Second Edition.
Seaside Watering Places ... Twentieth Year of Publication. Eighth, Etc. Edition.
Beschreibung Von Constantinopel ... Nebst Einem Plane Und Einem Prospekte Dieser Stadt, So Wie Einer Charte Von Den Dardanellen.
Jacob S. Winslow Et ALS V. the Steamer Blenheim and Edwin Bell V. Jacob S. Winslow, et al
The Colonial Virginian. an Address, Etc.
Gustav Adolf in Deutschland, Etc.
Satisfaction. a Farce [in One Act].
The Inward Witness to Christianity, Abridged from Dr. Watts' Three Sermons Upon That Subject. by the Rev. T. Wrangham. L.P.
A Pathway of Flowers, an Album for Autographs, and ... Verses ... with an Introduction [in Verse] by Helen M. Waithman.
Concilium Infernorum E Libro Secundo Paradisi Amissi ... Carmine Latino Donatum. (Epistola Ambrosii Philips.) Auctore P. F.
Six Months in Reunion: A Clergyman's Holiday, and How He Passed It.
A Cruise; Or, Three Months on the Continent. by a Naval Officer. Embellished with Coloured Engravings.
Artists and Arabs; Or, Sketching in Sunshine ... with Numerous Illustrations.
The Land of the Pharaohs. Egypt and Sinai: Illustrated by Pen and Pencil.
The Transvaal ... with a Map.
The Northern Barrier of India. a Popular Account of the Jummoo and Kashmir Territories, Etc.
The Dictionary of Watering Places, Seaside and Inland, at Home and Abroad.
The Maid of Sker.
Mrs. Dorriman. a Novel.
At the Bar. a Tale. Vol. I
The Reigning Beauty.
Schweizerische Landesvermessung, 1832-1864. Geschichte Der Dufourkarte, Etc, Die
Hester Morley's Promise.
Tom Singleton. Dragoon and Dramatist.
A Compendium of Grecian Antiquities. (Second Edition.).
Doris. [a Novel.] by the Author of Phyllis, Etc. [mrs. Margaret Argles Afterwards Hungerford.]
The Lament of the Emerald Isle [upon Occasion of the Death of Princess Charlotte].
The Dove in the Eagle's Nest. by the Author of the Heir of Redclyffe [miss C. M. Yonge]. Vol. II
Walkabout, Runabout
Poems. the Battle of Waterloo; Byron's Vision of Judgment Reverted; The Victory of Aboukir; And the Portuguese Expedition.
Leonore. a Comic Opera in Three Acts. the Libretto and Music by J. H. E. Ashworth.
Think Unstuck
Dynamite Mike McGee
Report ... on the Means of Draining the Low Grounds in the Vales of the Derwent and Hertford, in the North and East Ridings of the County of York. [with a Plan.]
Spiritual Thoughts of Inspiration
Introduction To Classical And Modern Analysis And Their Application To Group Representation Theory
The Pilgrims of the Rhine
Japan: Travels and Researches ... Translated from the German, Etc.
Westward Ho! ... Tenth Edition.
Royal Tears! Sacred to Filial Piety. [in Verse.]
A Dirge for Wellington.
A Register of the Lands Held by Catholics and Nonjurors in the County of Kent, in the Reign of King George I. Edited by W. H. H.
A Traveller's Life: The Autobiography of Sheila Stewart
Forgotten Tales of South Carolina
The Ivy Portfolio: How to Invest Like the Top Endowments and Avoid Bear Markets
Israel's Return from Babylon, an Oratorio in Four Parts ... Composed by J. R. Schachner, Etc.
Oxford Commemoration. by a Fellow of Experientia.
The Prodigal's Brother: A Story of Western Life.
Is Het Middenpunt Der Stad Amsterdam Gezonder Dan de Plantaadje En de Buitenrand? Eene Vraag Aan Regenten Der Beide Gasthuizen, Etc.
Arthur. by the Author of Anne Dysart [I.E. Christiana Jane Douglas].
The Destroyer. [A Tale.]
The Blossoming of an Aloe, and the Queen's Token. Vol. I.
Andrewlina. a Novel.
Young Musgrave.
The Court of Session Garland. (Supplement-Appendix.).
Three Stories for the Fireside. the Privateer's Revenge; Full Retribution; And, the Smuggler ... Fourth Edition.
Sylvia's Lovers, Volume 2
A Narrative of Major General Wool's Campaign in Mexico, in the Years 1846, 1847, and 1848. [with a Portrait.]
Love's Martyr. [A Novel.]
How Will It End? [A Novel.]
The Reigning Beauty. Vol. III.
Playing on the Brink. a Novel. Vol. I.
Tammas Bodkin. Swatches O' Hodden-Grey. [A Story.]
Les Bauges. Histoire Et Documents.
Istoria D'Ancona, Capitale Della Marca Anconitana. Volume I
Memories of Early Days in South Australia. [By Mrs. Alfred Watts.]
A Farmer's Vacation. ... Reprinted (with Additions) from Scribner's Monthly. Illustrated.
Lecture on Egypt, Etc.
Beauty Spots of the Continent, Etc.
An Unruly Spirit. a Novel. Vol. II
In Tents in the Transvaal.
Shellburn. [A Tale.]
The Development of Africa ... Illustrated with a Set of ... Maps ... Designed by E. G. Ravenstein.
Grandmother's Money. by the Author of One and Twenty, Etc. [F. W. Robinson.] Vol. II
The Copyright Case S. Sitarama Sastri, B.A. vs. C. Parameswaran Pillai, B.A. (Editor of the Madras Standard) Representative Indians in Court or What Is Authorship? Tempus Omnia Revelat
Her Angel Friend. a Story, Etc.
My Wife's Niece: A Novel. by the Author of Dr. Edith Romney. [Anne Elliot.]
Dragons' Teeth. [A Novel.]
Disappointed Ambition; Or, Wedded and Single. a Tale of the Day. by the Authoress of The World and the Cloister, Etc.
The Duchess of Rosemary Lane. a Novel.
The Trial of REV. Geo. B. Vosburgh, Pastor of the Bergen Baptist Church, Jersey City. N.J., for Alleged Wife Poisoning
The Wreck of the White Bear, East Indiaman.
A History: Greeley and the Union Colony of Colorado. [with Plates.]
Science Teaching with Moodle 2.0
The Great War in England in 1897, Etc.
Picture Posies. Poems Chiefly by Living Authors, and Drawings by F. Walker, J. W. North, A. B. Boughton [and Others] ... Engraved by Dalziel Brothers.
A Digest of the Despatches on China-Including Those Received on the 27th of March: With a Connecting Narrative and Comments.
An Universal History, from the Creation of the World, to the Time of Charlemagne. from the French. a New Translation. by Thomas Chevelier
Geschiedenis Der Stad Zutphen, Van de Vroegste Tijden Tot 1795 ... Met Platen En Kaart.
Stiftstaden Viborg: En Topographisk, Historisk Og Statistisk, Beskrivelse, Etc
Portuguese Nyassaland ... with a Review of the Portuguese Rule on the East Coast of Africa ... Illustrated. [with Maps.]
A Mayoral Year. [an Account of the Year of Office of C. J. Roberts, Mayor of Sydney, New South Wales, 1879. Compiled by J. Plummer.]
Rose Turquand. a Novel.Vol. I.
His Queen. [A Novel.]
An Enquiry Into M. Antoine D'Abbadie's Journey to Kaffa, in the Years 1843 and 1844, to Discover the Source of the Nile. [With a Map.]
The Marquis of Carabas. a Story of To-Day.
Signed in Haste. a Story ... by Bertie.
The Landlord of the Sun. a Novel.
For God and Humanity. a Romance of Mount Carmel.
Nature's Nursling: A Romance from Real Life.
Joshua Marvel.
From Thistles-Grapes?. Vol. I.
A Woman-Hater.
Some Stained Pages. a Story of Life. by the Author of The New Mistress., Vol. III
Falsely True. a Novel.
Dulcie Carlyon. a Novel.
The Lawyer's Secret. [A Novel.]
Chile Ilustrado. Guia Descriptivo del Territorio de Chile, Etc.
Mr. Midshipman Easy.
Sketches of Virginia. Second Series.
Sketch of a Journal of the Retreat and Flight of the French Armies from Moscow, and the Pursuit of the Russians, to Their Arrival on the Vistula. by Charles Hamilton Smith. with Maps
The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land
The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done
The Writing Circle
The Tudors: Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty
The Bradshaw Variations
NIV, Holy Bible Textbook Edition, Hardcover
Hot Prospects: The Proven Prospecting System to Ramp Up Your Sale
The Country Girl, a Comedy in Five Acts and in Prose, Altered from Wycherley by David Garrick. the Second Edition.
Ancestral Appetites: Food in Prehistory
In the Superior Court, of the City of New York - Samuel F. B. Morse and Alfred Vail vs. Francis O.J. Smith - City and County of New York
Gwen and Gwladys. [a Novel.] ... Translated from the Welsh by W. Rees Evans.
New Approaches to Asian History: Series Number 7: Migration and Diaspora in Modern Asia
Lady Lohengrin. [a Novel.]
The History of the Origin and Rise of the Republic of Venice
Sketches of Japanese Manners and Customs. Illustrated by Native Drawings, Reproduced in Fac-Simile by Means of Chromo-Lithography.
Odd Stories.
Part III. Fourth Edition.
The Land of the Nile Springs. Being Chiefly an Account of How We Fought Kabarega ... Illustrated by J. Burrell-Smith, Etc.
Poet and Peer.
Stories from Black and White. by W. E. Norris, W. Clark Russell, Thomas Hardy [And Others] ... with ... Illustrations.
Description of a Model of the Roman Colosseum in Its Original State ..., Executed by C. Lucangeli, and ... Completed by P. Dalbono.
A Tramp's Wallet; Stored by an English Goldsmith During His Wanderings in Germany and France.
A Hand-Book for Travellers in Spain. Part II
Studies in Oriental Social Life, and Gleams from the East on the Sacred Page.
Terrorism and National Security Reform: How Commissions Can Drive Change During Crises
Dry Leaves from Young Egypt: Being a Glance at Sindh Before the Arrival of Sir Charles Napier. by an Ex-Political [I.E. E. B. Eastwick].
An Open Verdict. a Novel, by the Author of 'Lady Audley's Secret' [M. E. Braddon].
R publique Argentine, Physique Et conomique. Pr face d'E. Gautier., La
Egypt as It Is. with a Map.
Galilee in the Time of Christ ... with an Introduction by ... A. P. Peabody.
Tanganyika: Eleven Years in Central Africa.
Rambles in Istria, Dalmatia and Montenegro. by R. H. R.
A Few Months in the East; Or, a Glimpse of the Red, the Dead, and the Black Seas. by a Canadian.
Picturesque Colorado. Phototype Illustrations by F. Gutekunst from Original Photographs by W. H. Jackson. Descriptive Text and Sonnet by M. V. D.
History of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon, and Schuylkill Counties: Containing a Brief History of the First Settlers, Topography of Townships, Notices of Leading Events, Etc.
The Golden Crocodile.
A Dawnless Fate. [a Novel.]
Beschrijving Van de Verwoesting Te Leijden Op Den 12 Van Louwmaand 1807.
Anden Omarbeidede Og For gede Udgave Med Over 100 Illustrationer.
The Arrandel Motto. a Novel.
Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia. Vol. II
Mabel's Progress. a Novel. by the Author of Aunt Margaret's Trouble [f. E. Trollope]. Vol. III
A Correct Report of the Trial of James Watson, Senior, for High Treason, Before the Court of King's Bench, Westminster, June 9th, 1817, and Following Days
The Talented Miss Highsmith
The Lottery: John MacCusack
Geographische Und Ethnologische Bilder.
The History of Warren, a Mountain Hamlet, Located Among the White Hills of New Hampshire.
The History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina, from Its First Settlement to the Close of the Revolutionary War.
Record of Municipal Affairs in Sheffield ... 1843 to ... 1893. [With Portraits and a Map.]
Oliver and Boyd's Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World, Descriptive and Statistical, with Etymological Notices, Etc.
A Perambulation of the Antient and Royal Forest of Dartmoor ... Third Edition, Revised and Corrected by J. B. Rowe ... Illustrated from Drawings by F. J. Widgery.
The History of Guernsey and Its Bailiwick; With Occasional Notices of Jersey. (Biographical Notices.).
Wintering in Egypt.
George Linton; Or, the First Years of an English Colony.
Buried Cities and Bible Countries.
A Cavalier's Ladye: A Romance of the Isle of Wight.
Travels in Switzerland, and in the Country of the Grisons ... the Third Edition.
Memoir on the Western or Edoor Tribes Inhabiting the Somali Coast of N.E. Africa
Doctor Caesar Crowl: Mind-Curer. a Novel. Vol. I.
99+1 Wonderful Things about God
Cyprus: Its Resources and Capabilities, with Hints for Tourists ... with Maps and Plans.
Emotionally Bulletproof Scott's Story - Book 3
The Other Mrs. Champion
GET SOME IN! One Man's Memories of National Service
Stray: Touchstone (Part 1)
Footprints. [Verses.] by C. S. S.
Het Land Van Rembrand. Studien Over de Noordnederlandsche Beschaving in de Zeventiende Eeuw.
The Frogs, a Comedy. Translated ... by C. Dunster. Ms. Notes [By C. Burney].
Peter the Great: Or, the Wooden Walls. an Operatic Drama, in Three Acts.
Loved Beyond Words. [Poems.]
Abrisz Der Brandenburgisch-Preuszischen Geschichte. [With Maps.]
London; A Fragmentary Poem.
Mittheilungen Aus Den Nachgelassenen Papieren Eines Preussischen Diplomaten (C. F. G. Von Schladen), Herausgegeben Von Dessen Neffen L. V. L. Bd. I.
A Short History of the Union Jack. Comprising a Chronological List of Its Important Victories.
The History of Appanoose County, Iowa ... Illustrated.
My Heavenly Father's Eyes: A Relationship Building Study
Trattato Di Geologia Diretto Specialmente a Fare Un Confronto Tra La Struttura Fisica del Settentrione E del Mezzogiorno Di Europa.
The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope.
The History of White's. Illustrated.
A History of Northumberland. Issued Under the Direction of the Northumberland County History Committee, Vol. V
Siberia and the Exile System. [With Illustrations and Maps]. Vol. II
The Satyrs of Persius. Translated Into English, with Notes Critical and Explanatory, by E. Burton.
Pilgrimage and Household in the Ancient Near East
The Works of L. E. Landon.
Wiley IFRS: Practical Implementation Guide and Workbook
Rich and Rare, a Tale of Anglo-Italian Life. Vol. I
Mr. Hogarth's Will. [A Novel.]
Between Two Loves. a Novel.
Historic Side-Lights ... Illustrated with Portraits, Diagrams, and Fac-Similes.
Broken Away. [A Novel.]
A Thing of Beauty.
Mr. Charlton. [A Novel.] by the Author of Anne Dysart [I.E. Christiana J. Douglas], Etc.
Niger Et Les Explorations de L'Afrique Centrale, Depuis Mungo Park Jusqu'au Docteur Barth., Le
Esme Thompson
The China Sea Directory, Vol. I. ... Compiled in the Hydrographic Department, Admiralty. Second Edition. (Added to and Corrected by Staff Commanders J. C. Richards and Hitchfield.).
Histoire de La Ville D'Aix, Capitale de La Provence, Tome Sixieme
Historical Essays. Series 1-4.
A Select Collection of Views and Ruins in Rome and Its Vicinity. Eng. and Fr. L.P.
The Mineral and Other Resources of the Argentine Republic (La Plata) in 1869, Etc.
Iberian Reminiscences. Fifteen Years' Travelling Impressions of Spain and Portugal. Vol. I
The Colony of New Zealand. Its History, Vicissitudes and Progress.
Aus Hamburgs Vergangenheit. Kulturhistorische Bilder Herausgegeben Von C. K. Mit Abbildungen.
Adventures Amidst the Equatorial Forests and Rivers of South America; Also in the West Indies and the Wilds of Florida. to Which Is Added Jamaica Revisited. ... with Many Illustrations and Maps.
Europe and America in 1821, with an Examination of the Plan Laid Before the Spanish Cortes for the Recognition of the Independence of South America. Translated from the French ... by J. D. Williams.
The Repentance of Paul Wentworth. a Novel. [By Constance Smith.]
The Ivory Gate.
Milly Darrell, and Other Tales. by the Author of Lady Audley's Secret [I.E. Mary Elizabeth Braddon], Etc.
One Woman's Wisdom. [a Novel.]
The Man of Mark. [a Novel.] by the Author of Richard Langdon [janet Maughan].
A Description of the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, the Niagara River and Falls, the Prairies, the Fairmount Water Works, and Scenes on the Schuylkill, and to Illustrate Brewer's Panorama.
The Book of the World: Being an Account of All Republics, Empires, Kingdoms, and Nations. ... with Maps and Charts. (Second Edition.).
Maidenhood; Or, the Verge of the Stream.
All for Herself. [A Novel.]
The Natural History of Volcanoes: Including Submarine Volcanoes, and Other Analogous Phenomena. Translated from the Original French Manuscripts by R. C. Dallas.
Story of the Rear Column of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition. Edited by Mrs. J. S. Jameson. with a Preface by Andrew Jameson. with Map and Illustrations, Etc. (Natural-History Appendix.
Eastern Pilgrims: The Travels of Three Ladies.
The Borderland of Czar and Kaiser. Notes from Both Sides of the Russian Frontier, Etc.
Report on a Topographical Survey of Part of the Cumberland Coal Field, with Notices of the Coal Seams, and Their Relation to the Iron Deposits of the Cobequids.
A Hunting Expedition to the Transvaal ... Translated from the Portuguese by Mariana Monteiro.
Ane Hereford. a Novel.
The Irish Tourist's Illustrated Handbook for Visitors to Ireland in 1852. Second Edition.
Creation: A Poem. by the Author of Primum Mobile, Etc.
The Royal Windsor Guide, with a Brief Account of Eton ... New and Enlarged Edition.
Some Western Folk. [Tales.]
A String of Stories by A. R. Hope. Illustrated by P. Hardy.
The Registers of Caundle Bishop, Dorset. from 1570 to 1814. Transcribed by ... C. H. Mayo, Etc.
Arona. Cenni Storici Con Illustrazioni.
Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope and Up the Red Sea; With Travels in Egypt, Through the Deserts, Etc.
Lester's Secret.
Her Husband's Keeper. a Novel.
An Account of the Native Africans in the Neighbourhood of Sierra Leone; To Which Is Added an Account of the Present State of Medicine Among Them.
This Son of Vulcan. a Novel. by the Authors of Ready-Money Mortiboy, Etc.
Charming Money. [A Novel.]
The Pity of It. [A Tale.]
Under the Lilies and Roses. a Novel. Vol. I.
Diana Carew; Or, for a Woman's Sake.
Geschichtsphilosophische Betrachtungen
Australia as It Is. Third Edition
Sunny Florida: A Compendium of Information Regarding The State of Orange Groves. for the Settler, Investor, or Tourist.
Fernyhurst Court. an Every-Day Story. by the Author of Stone Edge [Lady Verney].
Westkapelle, Hare Bevolking, Westkapelsche Dijk ... Met Twee Kaarten.
The Children's Fairy Geography, or a Merry Trip Round Europe.
The Land Where All Things Become Beautiful
Media Ministry: 10 Keys to Success
Passage of the Acolyte: Part Two
A Psalm to Dance to
Finding Fresh Passion to Worship
The Healing Power of the Goddess; A Practical Approach for Pagans Developing in Their Spiritual Practice and the Healing Arts.
Lewell Pastures. by the Author of Sir Frederick Derwent, Etc. [m. R. S. Kettle.]
The Processing and Acquisition of Reference
Dante Valentine: The Complete Series
The Invisible World: Understanding Angels, Demons, and the Spiritual Realities That Surround Us
An Ayrshire Postcard Album
Towards a Grammar of Being
Juliet's Moon
A New Day: A Guided Journal
A List of Optimum Goppa Codes
Effects of Primary and Secondary Macronutrients on Maize Crop
Matthew Tindale. a Novel.
The Chickenborough Chit-Chat Club. by Kamouraska.
Factors Related to Sexual Behaviour
The Village Surgeon: A Fragment of Autobiography.
A Merciful Divorce. a Story of Society, Etc.
Dr. Willoughby Smith.
A Stern Chase. a Novel.
The Waters of Hercules, Volume II of III
The Two Widows. a Novel.
The Worst Woman in London, and Other Stories.
A Lost Name, Vol II of III
Our Next Neighbour. [A Novel.]
The Khedive's Egypt; Or, the Old House of Bondage Under New Masters ... with Illustrations.
Mr. Hogarth's Will. [a Novel.] Vol. II
Georgia: From the Immigrant Settler's Stand-Point ... Prepared Under the Direction of T. P. J.
The Story of My Life.
Elsie's Art Life. a Novel.
Cousin Geoffrey and I ... with ... Illustrations by W. Parkinson.
Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand, Performed in the Years 1814 and 1815, in Company with the REV. S. Marsden, Etc.
Fair, But Not False. a Novel.
Recollections of Europe.
Kennedy at the Cape, a Professional Tour Through Cape Colony, the Orange Free State, the Diamond Fields, and Natal. a Section of Singing Round the World..
A Summer's Cruise in the Waters of Greece, Turkey, and Russia.
Anvers. Pubblicato in Occasione Della Esposizione Universale del 1885. Con ... Disegni, Etc
Rainbow Gold. a Novel.
Rose Mervyn, of Whitelake. Vol. I.
The Lost Bride.
Lieutenant Mary. a Novel. Vol. II.
Judith Moore; Or, Fashioning a Pipe. [A Tale.]
Niccolina Niccolini. [A Tale.] by the Author of 'Mademoiselle Mori, ' Etc. [I.E. Miss Margaret Roberts.]
An Inquiry Into the Distinctive Characteristics of the Aboriginal Race of America. Second Edition
Notice Industrielle Sur La Californie
Through the Wilds. a Record of Sport and Adventure in the Forests of New Hampshire and Maine. Illustrated, Etc.
Sketches of the War in Greece, in a Series of Extracts from the Private Correspondence of P. J. G. with Notes by R. L. Green ... and an Appendix, Etc.
History of Scotland. Volume III
In Search of a Climate. with Illustrations, Etc.
In Re Augustus A. Montagne and Frank E. Dominguez.} Proceedings in Disbarment
Rheinbuch. Landschaft, Geschichte, Sage, Volksleben. Illustrirt Mit Holzschnitten Und Aquarellen., Das
Geschiedenis Van Antwerpen Sedert de Stichting Der Stad Tot Onze Tyden. Uitgegeven Door de Rederykkamer de Olyftak. Bewerkt Door F. H. Mertens En K. L. Torfs.
Lucy Crofton. by the Author of Margaret Maitland [I.E. Margaret O. Oliphant], Etc.
Dr. Heidenhoff's Process.
Reiseskizzen Aus Den Alpen Und Karpathen.
Stadt Riga Im Dreizehnten Und Vierzehnten Jahrhundert. Geschichte, Verfassung Und Rechtszustand., Die
The Southern Settlements of New Zealand, Comprising Statistical Information from the Earliest Period to the Close of the Year 1846; Together with a Summary of the Local Ordinances, Etc.
God Upgrade: Finding Your 21st-Century Spirituality in Judaism's 5,000-Year-Old Tradition
Drink Up and Be a Man: Memoirs of a Steward and Engine-Room Hand
The Bigger World
Dead End Gene Pool: A Memoir
Saintes En Normandie
The Adventures of Doctor Brady ... Reprinted from Tinsleys' Magazine. Vol. II.
Seven Years
Space, in Chains
The Story Jar
Politics of Blindness Audiobook: From Charity to Parity
Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV., Comprising Biography and Anecdotes of the Most Celebrated Characters of That Period.
From Dinosaur to Dynamite: The Secret of Joyful Sex
A Little Bit of Love
Coral Lands ... with Illustrations.
The Book of Interfering Bodies
Rethinking the Knowledge Controversy in Organization Studies: A Generative Uncertainty Perspective
Beamtenverzeichniss Und Statistik Des Koniglich Bayerischen Regierungs-Bezirkes Der Pfalz, Etc
The Star Sapphire. [A Novel.]
The Secret of Madame de Monluc. [A Tale.] by the Author of Mademoiselle Mori, Etc. [Margaret Roberts.]
Edifizio Programma O La Cattedrale Di Diakovar Eretta Da Mons. Strossmayer. Descrizione Con Digressioni. Saggio Di Estetica Popolare, E Di Buon Panslavismo., Un
Rappoltsteinisches Urkundenbuch, 759-1500. Quellen Zur Geschichte Der Ehemaligen Herrschaft Rappoltstein Im Elsass Herausgegeben Von Dr. K. Albrecht. I Band
Basic Statistical and Derivative Tables
Bussy D'Ambois: A Tragedie
A Hand-Book of Virginia. by the Commissioner of Agriculture
Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison
The Creed
Bijdragen Tot de Geschiedenis Der Heerlijkheid Tilbury En Goirle. Proefschrift, Etc.
Scenic Driving New Mexico
ASVAB Flashcard Book
Welcome to the Wisdom of the World and Its Meaning for You
The Landleaguers, Vol. III
Systems, Book 1: Drumming Technique and Melodic Jazz Independence
The Gaverocks; A Tale of the Cornish Coast. by the Author of John Herring, Etc. [I.E. Sabine Baring Gould].
Travels Into the Interior of South Africa ... the Second Edition, with Additions and Alterations. Illustrated, Etc.
Loving and Loth: A Novel. by the Author of Rosa Noel, Etc. [Bertha de Jongh.]
The Rob Roy on the Jordan, Third Edition.
El Maghreb: 1200 Miles' Ride Through Marocco.
The Dilemma. [a Novel.] by the Author of 'the Battle of Dorking' [i.E. Sir George T. Chesney]. Vol. II.
Madeira, Its Climate and Scenery: Containing Medical and General Information; ... a Tour of the Island, and an Appendix. Second Edition
Sparkles Visits the Farm
Lorenzo, a Tragedy in Five Acts [In Verse], Etc.
Life's Little Ironies. a Set of Tales. with Some Colloquial Sketches, Entitled a Few Crusted Characters.
The Cousins' Courtship.
The Shipowner's Daughter. a Novel. ... Second Edition.
The Two Anastasias. a Novel. [By A. M. Carter Smith.]
The Crimson Chair, and Other Stories.
'By the World Forgot.' [A Novel.]
My Eldest Brother. a Tale. by the Author of 'Our Farm of Four Acres' [I.E. Miss-Coulton], Etc.
Magyarorsz g T rt neti, F ldirati S llami Legujabb Leir sa. Elso Kotet.
The Will of God in an Unwilling World
The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report: Final Report of the National Commission on the Causes of the Financial and Economic Crisis in the United States
Three Hens and a Peacock
Lie Down in Green Pastures
Nowhere to Be Home: Narratives From Survivors of Burma's Military Regime
Tales from a Free-Range Childhood
The Blue Light Project: A Novel
The Late American Novel: Writers on the Future of Books
La Chica Que Soaaba Con Un Cerillo Y Un Galon de Gasolina: The Girl Who Played with Fire
Far Away Home, an Historical Novel of the American West: Aislynn's Story- Book I
Lethal Lake
The Emigrant's-Guide to Oregon and California.
Hot Button Motivation: Increase Sales, Improve Relationships, and Understand Why People Act and React!
His Natural Life. [A Novel.] Vol. I.
Trans-Allegheny Pioneers: Historical Sketches of the First White Settlements West of the Alleghenies 1748 and After
The Works of the REV. Jonathan Swift, Etc.
Polemica in Difesa Della Scuola Criminale Positiva Per C. Lombroso, E. Ferri, R. Garofalo, G. Fioretti.
The Long White Cloud: Ao Tea Roa. [A History of New Zealand.]
A Dissertation Upon the Distinctions in Society, and Ranks of the People, Under the Anglo-Saxon Governments.
GENUINE DIALOGUE and REAL PARTNERSHIP: Foundations of True Community
Past, Present and Future.
Supplementary Despatches, Correspondenc and Memoranda of Field Marshal: Arthur Duke of Wellington, K.G., Volume 3
History of the Conquest of Peru, with a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas.
Sittin' on Top of the World
Beat Atlas: A State by State Guide to the Beat Generation in America
A Lily Lilies
A Companion to Beowulf
From Prison to the Publishing Game
Creating Art from Theology: Expressing Theology Through Different Art Forms - Artist's Guide
The Inspired Gardener: What Makes Us Tick?
Loom and Spindle: Or, Life Among the Early Mill Girls; With a Sketch of The Lowell Offering and Some of Its Contributors
lucky coat anywhere
Major Craik's Craze. [A Novel.]
The Philosophy of History. Translated from the Original French of M. de Voltaire.
Report of the Case of the Borough of West Looe, in the County of Cornwall, Tried Before a Committee of the House of Commons, April 13, 1822
The Poor Relation: A Novel. Vol. I
The New Werther; Or, the Wealsman's Wrath. a Study in Characteristics.
Statistik Des Conitzer Kreises, Nebst Einem Ortschafts-Verzeichnisse
The Twin Soul; Or, the Strange Experiences of Mr. Rameses. a Psychological and Realistic Romance, Vol. I
Her Season in Bath. a Story of Bygone Days.
Madeleine Graham. by the Author of Whitefriars [I.E. E. Robinson].
Without Chance, Without a Dream: Up Close and Personal
Forged by Conviction: An Historical Overview of the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia
Saint Alice, Who, However, Was No Saint, Etc.
Slipping Through the Cracks
Fab - You - Lous
The Giveaway Girl
Ambushed Souls
Debbie's Home Cooking
Cassell's History of the United States. Illustrated.
The History of England; From the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688
Restaurant: The Owner's Manual: A Guide to Staff Training for Owners and Management
A Full and Correct Account of the Military Occurrences of the Late War Between Great Britain and the United States of America, Etc. Vol. II
Wylder's Hand: A Novel.
Batswing the Outlaw of the Forest; Or, the Maid of Epping.
Steven Vigil. [A Tale.] Vol. I
A Bridge of Glass, Etc.
Het Tegenwoordig Amsterdam. Met 8 Platen.
A Collection of Single Sheet Songs and Poems.
Guaranty Trust Company, Petitioner, Against Metropolitan Street Railway Company, New York City Railway Company and Others, Respondents
Rechtsquellen Des Kantons Argau, Erster [Etc.] Teil. Herausgegeben Von Dr. Iur. W. Merz. 1 Band, Der
Memoirs of My Own Times. Vol. III
Edwards's Great West and Her Commercial Metropolis, Embracing a General View of the West, and a Complete History of St. Louis ... with Portraits and Biographies of ... Old Settlers, Etc.
History and Description of Woburn and Its Abbey ... Six Plates.
Memorials of Liverpool, Historical and Topographical, Including a History of the Dock Estate ... Vol. I. Historical: Vol. II. Topographical.
A Lesser Tale of the South Pacific: Reminiscences of World War II
Why Women Act Out
Altered Perceptions: A Writer's Journey Through a Life with Attention Deficit Disorder, or A.D.D.
Morning Whispers
Memory Mirage: Events Seen Through My Eyes - 1924 to 1964
Dangerous Learning: The New Schooling in California
Fighting to Escape
Relative Life Stories
Notes on the Parish of Golant, Alias St. Sampson's ... and Notes on the Church by Hubert Reade, Etc. [with Illustrations.]
The TRUE Face of Health Care Reform: A Physician and Patient's Perspective
Remnants of Another Age
The Last Words
Iconic Poetry: Poems on Life's Favorite Icons
The Crows Were Laughing in Their Trees
Historical and Statistical Account of Dunfermline. with Plates.
Walter Hurst; Or, Early Struggles at the Bar.
Dalmatien in Seinen Verschiedenen Beziehungen Dargestellt.
American Folk Songs for Solo Singers: 13 Folk Songs Arranged for Solo Voice and Piano for Recitals, Concerts, and Contests: Medium High
The Temperamentals
Old Nooks of Stirling. Delineated and Described by J. S. Fleming, Etc.
Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind
Acts Of Faith
A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring
Day Hikes Around Bozeman, Montana
The Rise of the Dutch Republic ... a New Edition. Vol. I
A History of the Romans Under the Empire
Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of London, from the Roman Invasion to the Year 1700; Illustrated by Eighteen Engravings.
Visits to the Saratoga Battle-Grounds, 1780-1880.
Geschiedenis Der Staats-Omwenteling in Nederland, Voorgevallen in Het Jaar Achttienhonderd Dertien. Tweede Deel
For Love and Duty. a Romance of the Peerage. Vol. II.
Names of Persons Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania Between the Years 1777 and 1789, with a History of the Test Laws of Pennsylvania. L.P.
de Utrechtsche Archieven. I. Schilders-Vereenigingen Te Utrecht ... Uitgegeven Door Mr. S. Muller.
A Memoir of Hawarden Parish, Flintshire, Containing Short Introductory Notices of the Princes of North Wales. by a Parishioner (Richard Willett). [with a Map.].
Bonded in Brazil
Little Sugar Cube
What Shape Sound
A History of Lawrence, Kansas, from the First Settlement to the Close of the Rebellion. [With Plates, Including a Portrait.]
Descriptive Account of Mauritius, Its Scenery, Statistics, Andc. ... Preceded by Elements of Geography, Etc.
Lucy Aylmer. by the Author of The Curate of Overton..
Taken at the Flood. a Novel. by the Author of Lady Audley's Secret [M. E. Braddon]. ... Stereotyped Edition.
The Review of General Sherman's Memoirs Examined, Chiefly in the Light of Its Own Evidence. [A Criticism of Sherman's Historical Raid, by Henry Van Ness Boynton.]
Geschichte Windheims Und Seiner Nachbarorte
Beechcroft at Rockstone. Vol. I.
The Fallen Cottage, a Poem.
Mothers and Sons. a Story of Real Life.
Bad-EMS. Die Thermen Von EMS. Mit Einer Karte, Etc.
The Heiress and Her Lovers. a Novel.
Teaching Math to First Graders
Uriel; Or, the Chapel of the Angels. by the Author of Lady Glastonbury's Boudoir, Etc. [Augusta T. Drane.]
Let Me Finish This Beer and We'll Go Catch Somebody
The Ark of Izanna
A Right to Bear Arms?
The Works of Lord Byron: With a Life and Illustrative Notes, by William Anderson. [with Plates, Including a Portrait.]
Critical and Miscellaneous Essays. by an Octogenarian (J. Roche).
The Heart of Fire
An Historical Sketch of the Greek Revolution
Moment by Ageless Process
History of the United States, or Republic of America
Warp and Woof: Or, the Reminiscences of Doris Fletcher.
Henry Dunbar, the Story of an Outcast. by the Author of Lady Audley's Secret. [M. E. Braddon.]
Down in Dixie. Life in a Cavalry Regiment in the War Days. from the Wilderness to Appomattox. Illustrated, Etc.
Lost for Gold. Vol. I.
The Children of Thespis, a Poem [By J. Williams], Part First.
Sir John Cockle at Court. Being the Sequel of the King and the Miller of Mansfield. a Dramatick Tale.
Higher Law. a Romance. by the Author of the Pilgrim and the Shrine..
Gaston Bligh. [A Novel.]
Sir Charles Danvers. by the Author of The Danvers Jewels [I.E. Mary Cholmondeley]. Vol. I
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ... New Edition.
Danmark Under Svend Estridsen Og Hans Sonner. (Kilder Og Henvisninger ... Til Danmark, Etc.).
Thomae Hobbes Malmesburiensis Opera Philosophica Quae Latine Scripsit Omnia in Unum Corpus Nunc Primum Collecta Studio Et Labore Gulielmi Molesworth. Vol. III
History of the County of Lunenburg ... Second Edition. [With Plates.]
History of American Conspiracies. a Record of Treason, Insurrection, Rebellion, Etc. in the United States of America from 1760 to 1860.
The Chinese War: An Account of All the Operations of the British Forces, to the Treaty of Nanking with Illustrations
Oesterreich Unter Maria Theresia.
LTE for UMTS: Evolution to LTE-Advanced
Thomae Hobbes Malmesburiensis Opera Philosophica Quae Latine Scripsit Omnia in Unum Corpus Nunc Primum Collecta Studio Et Labore Gulielmi Molesworth. Vol. V
High Ideals and Noble Intentions: Voluntary Sector-Government Relations in Canada
Fashionable Life: Or, Paris and London. Vol. I.
The Narrative of a Voyage to the Swan River; Containing Useful Hints to Those Who Contemplate an Emigration to Western Australia; With a Map and Notes, Etc.
The Canterbury Book of Days
Bosquejo de La Republica de Costa Rica, Seguido de Apuntamientos Par Su Historia. Con Mapas, Etc.
Paradise Tales: and Other Stories
Marriage: Small Steps, Big Rewards
The Long Way Home: An American Journey from Ellis Island to the Great War
The Secret of the Lamas: A Tale of Thibet.
Wildwater Terrace. a Novel.
The Medlicotts. an Uneventful Family Chronicle.
The Good Old Times: The Story of the Manchester Rebels of '45, Etc. Vol. I.
Honours Easy. a Novel Vol. I.
Historia de Avila, Su Provincia y Obispado.
The Child's History of the United States. Designed as a First Book of History for Schools. Illustrated by Numerous Anecdotes. Improved from the Twenty-First Edition.
Essai Historique Sur La Ville D'Embrun
Cassell's Illustrated Universal History.
Chemin Du Desert, Ou Itineraire Et Description de L'Ermitage Du Mont-D'Or.
Histoire de La Ville Montdidier. [With Plates.] Tome Premier.
Geschichte Der Stadt Weipert.
Thirty-Eight Years in India. from Juganath to the Himalaya Mountains ... with 100 Illustrations by the Author.
Geschiedenis Der Vesting Breda. (Bijlagen.).
Charakterbilder Der Allgemeinen Geschichte. Nach Den Meisterwerken Der Geschichtschreibung Alter Und Neuer Zeit, Etc. Crfter Theil
Out of Her Sphere. Vol I
London's Heart. Vol. II.
Money's Worth. a Novel, in a Prologue and Three Books. Vol. III.
The Dead Secret
After Shipwreck.
For a God Dishonoured. [A Tale.] by the Author of *****.
Carry's Confession. by the Author of High Church [I.E. Frederick W. Robinson].
The Sylvesters. Vol. III.
Through Flood and Flame. a Novel. [By S. Baring Gould.]
Kate Grenville. [A Novel.]
Verner's Pride. Vol. II.
A Fatal Mistake. [A Novel.]
Coram LaFontaine, C.J. Aylwin, J. Duval, J. Caron, J. Benjamin Wilcox Et Uxor Et Barnabas Wilcox
The Strong Horse
ADempiere 3.6 Cookbook
Barron's California State University Writing Proficiency Exams
I Brag ... Again. Dating Through Heartbreak
Cognitive Metaphors in Visual Emotional Expressions
Secrets of Dragon Gate: Ancient Taoist Practices for Health, Wealth, and the Art Ofsexual Yoga
The Scarborough Cliff Bridge Company's Deed of Settlement.
Description of the View of Athens and the Surrounding Country [i.E. a Panorama Exhibited at Cambridge, Mass.], Etc. [with a Folding Plate.]
Chronicles of Gretna Green.
The People's History of Cleveland, and Its Vicinage, Etc. Pt. 1-4.
The Fourth Napoleon. a Romance.
Inis-Owen and Tirconnell: Notes, Antiquarian and Topographical ... First Series.
The Imperial Gazetteer of India.
Allan's Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings. with Lives, Portraits, and Autographs of the Writers, and Notes on the Songs. Revised Edition.
Wheal Certainty: A Cornish Story.
Grainger's Thorn. a Novel. Vol. II.
Without a God. by a Singer from the South [I.E. E. J. Byrne].
False and True.
The Bab Ballads, with Which Are Included Songs of a Savoyard ... with 350 Illustrations by the Author.
Challenger-Briefe Von R. V. W., ... 1872-1875. Nach Dem Tode Des Verfassers Herausgegeben Von Seiner Mutter [M. Von Willemoes-Suhm]. Mit Einem Vorwort Von Professor Kupffer, Etc.
Notes on the History and Antiquities of the United Parishes of S. Matthew, Friday Street, and S. Peter, Cheap, in the City of London. (Appendix.).
The Twenty-First(-Twenty-Third) Annual Report of the ... Institution.
The Fortunes of Glencore.
The Argonauts of California. Being the Reminiscences of Scenes and Incidents That Occurred in California in Early Mining Days. by a Pioneer. Text and Illustrations by C. W. H.
The Great Thirst Land: A Ride Through Natal, Orange Free State, Transvaal and Kalahari Desert, Etc.
War-Path and Bivouac, or the Conquest of the Sioux.
The Court Martial: A Satirical Drama [in Two Acts, in Prose and Verse]. by Martinet.
Travels in South and North America.
Report of the Committee Appointed by the Town Council, September 3rd, 1839, to Investigate the Causes of the Late Riots.
What the Heart Sees: A Collection of Amish Romances
Whiter Than Snow
Quacky Baseball
Divine Evil
Preserves and Pickles: 25 Delicious Recipes for Jams, Chutneys, and Relishes
Touch Blue
One Fourteenth Of An Elephant
The Chronicles of Mr. Kitty Mozart
All the Way to America: The Story of a Big Italian Family and a Little Shovel
Blood Secrets: Possession
The End of Sexual Identity: Why Sex is Too Important to Define Who We are
Awesomely Simple
The Life of Jimmy
Companion Poets. Edited by H. Morley.
The Art of Building in the Classical World: Vision, Craftsmanship, and Linear Perspective in Greek and Roman Architecture
Captain Glazier and His Lake. an Enquiry Into the History and Progress of Exploration at the Head-Waters of the Mississippi Since the Discovery of Lake Itasca.
Centennial Address (on the Second Centennial Anniversary of the Settlement of Middletown) ... with Historical Sketches of Cromwell, Portland, Chatham, Middle-Haddam, Middleton and Its Parishes.
Possedimenti E Protettorati Europei in Africa, 1889. Raccolta Di Notizie Sulle Regioni Costiere Africane Corredato Di Disegni.
Cape Cod.
A Round Trip in North America, Etc.
Sheridan's Troopers on the Borders: A Winter Campaign on the Plains ... with ... Engravings.
The United States and Canada, as Seen by Two Brothers [J. C., Jun. and A. C.] in 1858 and 1861.
The Dolomite Mountains. Excursions Through Tyrol, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli in 1861, 1862, and 1863. with a Geological Chapter, and Pictorial Illustrations from Original Drawings on the Spot.
The Story of New Mexico.
History of the War in France and Belgium, 1815; Containing Minute Details of the Battles of Quatre-Bras, Ligny, Wavre, and Waterloo. Vol. I
The Colony of South Australia.
Horrors of Armenia: The Story of an Eye-Witness.
Victoria and Its Metropolis, Past and Present. Vol. 1 by A. Sutherland; Vol. 2 by Various Authors. Illustrated Vol. I.
Lehrbuch Der Weltgeschichte in Organischer Darstellung. Erster Theil
The History of the Honourable Artillery Company of the City of London, from Its Earliest Annals to the Peace of 1802.

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